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Bee and Honey Fact #1

Honey is a natural sweet substance produced by bees from pure, unprocessed plant nectar. Nothing else.

Candles & Wax

We offer pure beeswax and a variety of beeswax candles, all produced from our own hives. Purchase at our farmers' market booth!

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Bear Candle

Adorable bear candle - $7.00

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Elegant pair of 10" tapers - $14.00

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Pillar Candle

3.5" pillar candle - $25.00

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Pine Cone Candle

Delicate Pine Cone Candle - $11.00

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Votives - $7.00 each

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Tea Lights

Tealights for $2.00

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Pure Beeswax

1 lb. beeswax blocks - $25.00
1 oz. bars - $3.00