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Bee and Honey Fact #3

The color and flavor of honey varies depending on the nectar source – the blossoms bees visit.

About Us

Our Mission
We are committed to raising honey bees in a way that is sustainable and consistent with the preservation of our natural resources.

Our honey is a pure, natural, unprocessed sweetener.

We use an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach to controlling bee pests and diseases, without the use of chemicals or synthetic treatments. Our honey is “raw,” meaning that we use minimal processing and we do not heat it to high temperatures or pressure-filter it. This preserves the delicate fragrances and natural enzymes that make honey flavorful and healthy.

Three phrases capture our philosophical approach to our business, as well as some of the reasons why we’ve chosen beekeeping (apiculture) as a large part of our way of life.

Bees First!
The health, well being, and management of our bees and their colonies is always our first priority. This is because of our commitment to them as living creatures and their role in our larger environment, but also because maintaining strong bee colonies is central to producing high-quality honey crops.

Quality Matters
Quality matters to us because it matters to our customers. More and more, people are paying attention to the food they eat – what’s in it, where it comes from, and how it’s produced, so we hold our products and services to high  standards of quality.

Time is Precious
How we spend our time on this earth is something we value highly.  We’ve dedicated some of our time to the art and practice of beekeeping to provide people with a source of nutritious, natural food, with the hope that we can make a small contribution to keeping the web of life intact.