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Bee and Honey Fact #6

Honey is easy to store, and does not have to be refrigerated. And honey lasts forever – no expiration date!


Package bees & Nucs for 2020 are still available. During this COVID-19 pandemic we plan to hold our nuc and package bee pick up days without interruption, but with the safest possible process. Watch for pick up dates and details about safety measures.

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Package Bees

3lb package of bees with Hybrid queens

Queens are Carniolan, Buckfast, Italian hybrids. Choose marked or unmarked.

Purchase online or send a check with order form.

Marked/Unmarked Queen
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Nucs - still a few available!

5-frame nuc with Purebred Russian queen

Nucs from a certified Russian Honey Bee Breeders Association Apiary.

Send order form with a check or purchase online.