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Bee and Honey Fact #7

All raw honey will granulate eventually, but can be re-liquefied by slow heating.


Find our honey at these stores and seasonal farm stands. We prioritize offering our products at local stores and farms that host our bees.

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Big E's Supermarket

WHERE: 11 Union Street, Easthampton

WHEN: Throughout the Year

Find our Spring Wildflower & Summer Wildflower honeys in 3 sizes.

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Cornucopia Foods

WHERE: Thorne's Marketplace - 150 Main Street, Northampton

WHEN: Throughout the Year

Purchase our honey in a variety of sizes, and comb honey when available.

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Crimson & Clover Farm

WHERE: 215 Spring Street, Florence

WHEN: Late spring through November

Find 1 lb jars of our honey here.

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Park Hill Orchard

WHERE: 82 Park Hill Road, Easthampton

WHEN: July through Thanksgiving

Buy our 1 lb and 2 lb jars of honey.

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Mass Food Delivery

WHERE: On-line at: https://massfooddelivery.com/

WHEN: Healthy food products delivered to your door weekly.

A group of small local farms are offering their products to be purchased on-line from the comfort and safety of your home.

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Red Fire Farm Stand

WHERE: 7 Carver Street, Granby

WHEN: Late April through Thanksgiving

Find our honey in 3 sizes.